It’s worth repeating: Sigil’s like no other place, anywhere! In this town there are doors to every blamin’ place in the multiverse: the worlds of the Prime Material; the Inner Planes; the mists of the Ethereal and its demiplanes; the silver void of the Astral; and every plane and layer of the Outer Planes. Here’s the big catch: knowing the doors exist is one thing, and finding them is another. Sometimes they move, sometimes they’re guarded, and sometimes they’re just plain hidden. But as every faction knows, knowledge is power.

Knowing just where to find a dozen doors and what lies on the other side of them doesn’t make a cutter a high-up man in Sigil, though. A berk hasn’t seen the real power on the Outlands until he’s seen the Lady of Pain floating through the streets, all ensconced in glittering, keen blades. She’s why Sigil stays safe, why even the most powerful bashers stay respectful in town, why the Blood War doesn’t come crashing through the city gates. She talks to nobody, and nobody talks to her, because those that do end up going barmy.

Sigil’s Wards
The Clerk’s Ward
The Guildhall and Market Wards
The Hive Ward
The Lady’s Ward
The Lower Ward


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