Valik's Ring

Cursed Ring of Friend Shield


Aura moderate abjuration; CL 10th
Slot ring; Price 50,000 gp (for a pair); Weight

This cursed ring of friend shield is one of a pair, the other is unknown. A ring of friend shield without its mate is useless. Either wearer of one of a pair of the rings can, at any time, command his ring to cast a shield other spell with the wearer of the mated ring as the recipient. This effect has no range limitation.

The wearers of the cursed mated rings continuously friend shield each other. Only amputation, remove curse, or similar magic can remove it.


This ring was originally worn by Bandit-Lord Valik and currently worn by Pantsful Aptshaper Longbottom upon his resurrection. The wearer of the mated ring is unknown at this time.

Valik's Ring

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