Possessor's Necklace

Tethers possessing entity to host


(Minor Artifact)
Aura strong necromancy; CL 13th Slot neck; Weight 1 lb.

Ghosts and fiends prize this exquisite necklace, for a voluntary wearer automatically fails his Will save against possession. Moreover, when in range of a magic jar, a ghost’s malevolence, or similar spell or effect, the necklace draws the nearest possessing force into the wearer. The necklace tethers the possessor to the host, extending the possession’s duration indefinitely.

The possessor may remove the necklace, but cannot leave the host for another 6 hours. Clever fiends have worked their way up from paupers to kings by gifting the necklace up the social ladder and possessing ever more powerful hosts. Any spell or effect that would exorcise the possessor (including the death of its host) first sends the possessor’s soul out as black smoke for 3d4+3 rounds.

During this time, treat the possessor as its normal self but with the incorporeal, grappled, and shaken conditions; incapable of extra dimensional travel (as if by dimensional anchor); and incapable of possessing another creature. If the possessor is still alive when this time elapses, it bypasses its original magic jar receptacle (if applicable) and returns instantly to its original body (if it has one). If it has no body, it dies.



Possessor's Necklace

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