A quirky tiefling tout with a spark of wisdom beyond her years.


Though small-boned and svelte, Kylie’s a commanding presence on the streets of the Cage. Her kinky, flame-red hair’s pulled into a high ponytail that mushrooms out over her head. This shock of scarlet, coupled with her pale skin, stands out sharply against the blue-hlack leather that tightly hugs most of her sinewy body. Her tiny, oval face is dominated by large blue eyes. A white scar accents her left brow, which is pierced by a slender gold hoop. Fact is, though liening, Kylie’s appearance is completely human – except·, of course, for I he long, leather-wrapped tail that seems lo lurk quietly behind her. A pointed pike head covers its tip, and even when still, her tail can spring forward and strike in the blink of a mephit’s eye. More than a few gullible sods’ve found her tail to be a surprise of one sort or another.



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