He Who Rules...

The Exorcists

The Enlightened Monastery of the Unraveling Weave

The Dreamless were reborn in the Year of the Wild Magic on the world of Abeir-Toril. in Enlightened Monastery of the Unraveling Weave. Born not of their own bodies, but of their own souls, the Dreamless were raised from the dead by the surviving monks of the monastery, who thought them to be the four Dead Saints of years gone by.

With only a few of the saints possessions, the Dreamless had to save the monastery and themselves from a rampaging possessed gold dragon determined to find the Possessor’s Necklace hidden within the bowels of the monastery.

With masterful ingenuity, the Dreamless were able to hatched a plan that left Soledad Horndoggle in ropes, Pantsful Aptshaper Longbottom with a wand, Plato de Camarones an exorcist, and Brother Petrovian Scree taking a paladin’s vows.

Once freed, Rasia the gold dragon, flew them to the mainland where their were approached by the Church of Kelemvor and returned to Waterdeep with the promise of helping with a problem at the Godsmouth Ossuary.

For a more detailed account of the Dreamless’s actions see the Middle Annals of Rasia.


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