He Who Rules...

Mystery Solved?

Chapter 1, part 3

Upon leaving the World-Crypts in search of Plato de Camarones, Pantsful attempts to summon his faithful eidolon, but instead mysteriously disappears in the same spacial blink that his eidolon would have appeared in. Without a clue on how to find their gnome companion, Brother Scree and Soledad continue their search for Plato.

Deeper within the Godsmouth Ossuary, in an amazingly well preservered library, the Dreamless find Plato huddled against a bookshelf, mumbling “The menhir will set us free. The menhir will set us free.” After awaking him from his trance, a strange draconic paper creature by the name of Euledrissen unfolds from a bookself. While the paper drake contains vast amounts of knowledge, he is cryptic and professes to know little about anything outside the library, though he does help the Dreamless locate a mysterious book entitled, the Book of Danan.

Buried in a hidden crypt not far from the library, the Dreamless find a silver medallion with a seven pointed star inscribed upon it. Not wanting to upset the dead, Brother Scree keeps the medallion for safe keeping until it can be returned to his church.

After a few trying encounters best left forgotten, the Dreamless stumble across their quarry and the source of the disappearing corpses, a Svilennius Tripe, an ex-cleric of Kelemvor trying to create alchemical undead. Unable to reason with the clearly insane Tripe, the Dreamless kill him in a short skirmish. Afterward, Plato finds Tripe’s notes, the Chymists of Life in Death.

Shortly after searching Tripe’s lab, the Ossuary is shakes violently from what is definitely an earthquake…


Malaryal Malaryal

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