He Who Rules...

The World-Crypts

Chapter 1, part 2

The Dreamless continue their exploration of the Godsmouth Ossuary and the seven World-Crypts contained within. Before continuing onward, Plato was stung by a nightmarish scorpion only to go mad and blindly flee into the Ossuary. Unable to find him, the rest of the Dreamless continued their own explorations in hopes of finding him:

While they were unsure of the Crypts’ purpose, the stumbled upon a few startling discovers:

  • A crazed tiger-man who had a peculiar death-wish against Brother Scree.
  • A dark room that held the phantasm of a four-winged owl.
  • A room contained the desiccated remains of a gnome, lizardman, and pixie.

For a more detailed account of the Dreamless’s actions see the selected excerpts from Balasar Firetongue’s recounting of The Godsmouth Ossuary.


Malaryal Malaryal

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