He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty;
and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city.


The Dreamless. Resurrected from the remains of dead saints, they have been plagued by countless prophetic nightmares since their rebirth. Hired by the Church of Kelemvor to investigate an ancient ossuary, they found more than they were looking for, and the feeling that something was hidden beneath the skin of Waterdeep, the city they all loved dearly.

When Waterdeep is destroyed by the fallen body of The Lord of the Dead, the Dreamless are forced to escape through a mysterious menhir, only to land in a city of a different sort. Sigil.


Strangers in strange land with no way home, the Dreamless have to survive a city of raw emotion and philosophical extremes, not to mention the fiends, celestials, dreams, factions…and the Lady of Pain herself. And something is stirring in the rumors and shadows of the City of Doors, and if they are true it won’t be contained to the Cage for long. One whisper within these rumors is repeated, again and again: “He Who Rules…”

He Who Rules… is a campaign played in the Planescape multiverse using the Pathfinder RPG.

The Story So Far
Prologue: The Exorcists
Chapter 1: The Godsmouth Ossuary
Chapter 2: The Maelstrom

He Who Rules...

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